To complete a course and generate your certificate, please follow these steps:

  1. Once you have launched a course, kindly take note of the following so that your course moves to a completed status (courses will successfully move to completion when all completion criteria are met -- for example, when you have met the minimum passing score and/or have completed all course interactions):

    • For best results, make sure to fully navigate to the end of all sections, and ensure that you have completed all interactions. A completed course section will show an orange status icon with a white checkmark. The following is an example of a course with some sections incomplete:

      Incomplete course example

      On the other hand, the following is an example of a course with all sections complete:

      Complete course example

    • If there are videos in the course, make sure you have viewed them all in full.

    • If there are knowledge checks/quizzes, kindly ensure that you complete and pass each one.

  2. Once you complete the steps above and exit the course, you can verify whether the course module reflects completed status. In the example below, all completion criteria have been met:

    Course completed status

    For courses that contain multiple modules, you will need to ensure that each one is complete before the 'Certificate of Completion' item becomes accessible.

  3. Once all modules are complete, click the 'Certificate of Completion' blue link to generate your certificate:

  4. On the next page, click the 'View certificate' button:

    View Certificate

  5. The certificate will be generated as a PDF in a new browser window, where you will have the option to print or download a copy.

    Print or Download Certificate

If you have any difficulty, contact support via WhatsApp at +501 662-1140 or via email at