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Capstone is a technology company with a mission to bring high-quality eLearning solutions to Belize.

What We Do

Capstone specializes in eLearning (online training) solutions. Our course library is available for purchase to individuals interested in professional development. Our custom solutions are available to companies and organizations that have a need to deliver in-house training to their employees, especially those that may be geographically dispersed.

Democratizing Learning

Hi there! My foray into eLearning was a project that allowed underprivileged high schoolers in Belize City to take summer classes remotely, the success of which led to a full-blown pursuit of eLearning. For 8.5 years, I was privileged to work for a major eLearning provider based in the US, where I served as the head of one of four core divisions catering to a learner population of approximately 2 million end-users with clients spanning the federal, corporate, and nonprofit sectors. It is my privilege and deep commitment to bring these services to Belize. The mission: to make Belize (and the world) a better place.

Ritchie Bardalez​
Our Vision​

Bridging Achievement Gaps

What do we mean by ‘bridging’ gaps?

A software developer who has created an app but needs training on brand identity, market research, and sales in order to successfully market their product. A manager who was recently promoted, but has had no previous training or experience in management. A mother who has been teaching for the past decade, but who now has a toddler, is considering transitioning to remote work in order to be more intentional about raising her child, and is ecstatic about the flexibility that online training provides to support this career change.

These are all real-world examples of skill gaps that Capstone aims to fill, in order to help people meet their personal and professional goals. Traditional education trains us in specific areas, but in order to succeed (especially in business) – it is vital to be cross-trained in other disciplines. And, we aim to leverage the power of technology to make this training affordable and accessible.


Our high-quality eCourses are pre-built, meaning every learner receives identical training content.


Learners can take training anytime, anywhere, without having to move to a physical location or dial in to a webinar.


With the flexibility to complete training at home, at work, or on the go, learners save time and money.

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