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Driver’s Education

Capstone’s popular Driver’s Education training (now offered throughout Toledo, as well as in Belmopan, Belize City, Independence, and Dangriga) is an important investment in public/road safety. In this course, we cover not just Traffic Laws and Regulations, Vehicle Operation and Control, and Defensive Driving Techniques – we also go over Vehicle Maintenance and Safety (an important component of safe driving), as well as important things to look for when purchasing a vehicle.

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“The convenience of learning online through Capstone has allowed me to upskill at my own pace while balancing a full-time job and family responsibilities. The interactive lessons and diverse course offerings have made my learning journey engaging and rewarding. I’ve unlocked new opportunities and I’m excited about the future. Highly recommend!”​
Rebecca H.
“The flexibility to choose when and where I learn has been a game-changer. Taking Capstone’s self-paced training modules meant that I did not have to pay for transportation to get to and from a training venue, hire a sitter to look after my kids for the day, or take a day off from work. Their platform is accessible, enjoyable and user-friendly. This is just what I’ve been waiting for!”​
Donovan M.
“Really enjoyed the [Getting Started With Project Management] course! It was very helpful in many ways. For example, it teaches you the important role of a project manager and what skills are required to be a leader of a project. It also teaches successful planning, what to do in any difficult situation, and how to close a project. The part that I like most is the flexibility of the course. You can do it in your own timing, it can be paused and you go back to it when you have the time. I highly recommend the course!”​
Helen J.​
“Finally a legal driver! The Capstone University Driver’s Education Course was an ideal blend of theory and applied learning to help me achieve 1 of my goals that is getting my driver’s license. I loved the course because it gets down to the basics and fundamentals of operating a motor vehicle. Mr. Bardalez takes special attention to share his information and allow for novice drivers to be confident in themselves to take on the road… Am super glad I did the course as I take so much away from it!”​
Kylah C.​

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