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eLearning has come a long way from its early beginnings, and it continues to grow and adapt to the changing educational landscape. As technology evolves, elearning remains an integral part of education and training, providing flexible and accessible learning opportunities for people around the world.

Creating Opportunities

The Importance of Upskilling​

“When people have opportunities to upskill, they’re more motivated and empowered to do their jobs to the best of their ability, rather than frustrated by inefficient workarounds. A study by McKinsey & Company found businesses with strong development programmes were more likely to be market leaders and had higher returns on assets, largely because they were better equipped to respond to market changes and challenges.” – The Sunday Times

Per eCourse


Lifetime Access to Purchased Courses​
Certificates of Completion
​This is for individuals who wish to purchase courses à la carte. ‘Lifetime’ means that once you have purchased a course, it is yours to launch an unlimited number of times. Once you have made a purchase, you are also issued a digital certificate upon completion.


Full Access to eCourse Library​
Lifetime Access to Transcript​
Certificates of Completion
Active membership includes access to all current and future courses released in our catalog, as well as exclusive access to and special pricing for any blended training events. Should you choose not renew your annual membership, you will still retain access to courses that you have already started or completed. This includes the ability to review courses that have already been taken.


Custom Quote
Custom Learning Portal​
Full Access to eCourse Library
Supervisory Access to Reporting
Custom Certificates of Completion​
Enterprise plans are for companies and organizations that have a need to deliver in-house training to their employees. Pricing depends on number of employees.

What are eCourses?

eCourses are the next frontier in digital learning in Belize. They are not Zoom sessions, nor do they take place in a classroom or at a workshop. Instead, they are powerful, interactive, self-paced trainings, meaning that there is no registration deadline, and the trainings don’t take place at a specific time and place. Instead, you can sign up for them at any time, and take them anywhere, and anyplace! Think of it like Netflix, but for training – you can start a course, pause it, and even exit it and come back to it later. Digital certificates are issued at the end of each course, and you can add them to your résumé.


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