Introduction to Belizean Kriol (Zoom Edition)


Learning Belizean Kriol involves a combination of language skills, cultural understanding, and practical communication. We are delighted to present this engaging and interactive course, designed to impart the lively and expressive essence of Belizean Kriol!

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  • Belize dollar ($) - BZD

This immersive course invites you to explore the captivating rhythm and expressive nuances of Belizean Kriol, a linguistic tapestry deeply woven into the cultural fabric of Belize. As we embark on this linguistic journey, you’ll be introduced to the rhythmic phonetics, lively pronunciation, and spirited expressions that make Kriol a language brimming with life. From mastering the basics of everyday interactions to delving into the rich tapestry of Belizean culture, this course is designed to be engaging and dynamic. Picture yourself navigating the colorful marketplace, confidently ordering delicious Belizean dishes, and immersing yourself in the infectious joy of traditional music and dance. By the end of this course, you’ll not only possess a solid foundation in Belizean Kriol but also an appreciation for the animated spirit and cultural vibrancy that defines this unique language.

Course Outline: 

Understanding the Basics

  • Introduction to Belizean Culture and Language
    • Overview of Belize
    • Importance of Kriol in Belizean identity
  • Phonetics and Pronunciation
    • Basics of Kriol phonetics
    • Pronunciation practice
  • Common Greetings and Expressions
    • Basic conversational phrases
    • Role-playing for real-life scenarios

Building Vocabulary

  • Everyday Activities
    • Vocabulary related to daily routines
    • Sentence construction
  • Food and Cuisine
    • Names of popular Belizean dishes
    • Ordering food at a local eatery
  • Family and Relationships
    • Vocabulary related to family members
    • Discussing relationships

Grammar and Sentence Structure

  • Sentence Construction in Kriol
    • Basic sentence structure
    • Practice forming simple sentences
  • Verb Conjugation
    • Introduction to verb forms in Kriol
    • Practice conjugating common verbs
  • Prepositions and Common Phrases
    • Understanding prepositions in Kriol
    • Using common phrases in context

Cultural Context and Idioms

  • Cultural Nuances in Kriol
    • Understanding cultural influences on language
    • Idiomatic expressions in Kriol
  • Music and Dance
    • Exploring traditional Belizean music
    • Learning dance-related vocabulary
    • Fun Activity: Kriol Karaoke!
  • Local Festivals and Celebrations
    • Vocabulary related to local events
    • Discussing traditions and customs

Date: Available on-demand for groups of 10 or more
Meeting Platform: Zoom

Payments via local bank transfer are accepted. However, if you are not located in Belize or currently unable to pay via local bank transfer, you can reach out to +501 600-8916 or to schedule the training. 

lessons  4 Lessons
duration  6 Hrs
  Certificate Available
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