Advanced Problem-Solving


Supercharge your problem-solving skills with these proven techniques.

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Being an effective problem-solver is a useful skill in any line of work. Whether it’s a small issue or a complex dilemma, understanding how to solve problems efficiently and effectively gives you an advantage in work and life. But how do you become a great problem-solver?

Exceptional problem-solvers don’t just rely on gut instinct. Rather, they’ve built up a repertoire of skills, strategies, and processes, along with the ability to identify which problem-solving approach—or combination of approaches—will work best to navigate a given situation. In other words, being able to solve problems isn’t a natural talent—it’s a skill that anyone can learn.

In this course, we’ll focus on sharpening problem-solving skills to help you deal with challenges big and small. Whether you’re new to problem-solving or just want to improve your skills, this course is packed with valuable information and proven strategies that will set you up for success. We’ll cover topics like divergent and convergent thinking, the benefits and risks of using heuristics in problem-solving, how to reframe problems to find creative solutions, and how to use design thinking to take a human-centered approach to solving complicated problems.

lessons  7 Lessons
duration  1.75 Hrs
delivery mode  Online / Self-Paced
  Certificate Available
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